We've used tagINK's Project Management, Marketing and Consulting Services over the past 3 years. They offered the management and marketing services we needed but couldn't justify in our growth cycle. They listened and integrated our ideas, presented sound solutions which addressed our concerns of staff training, marketing new products and keeping everything secure.

Paul Mitcham
Houston, TX



From consulting and analysis to programming and creative design services, our team members are respected experts in their field. We can develop complete projects for you or help you with some strategic domain expertise. tagINK is committed to providing a full suite of services to our clients to enable you to reach your business objectives with optimal time and efficiency.

Project Management Services:

We combine project management and vertical industry consulting in our project managers. Every project manager is an adaptable, technical, hands-on contributor that brings management and resource skills plus domain expertise to your team. As a requirement, our project managers must be capable problem solvers with experience managing both centralized and distributed projects and the demonstrated ablity to mentor every member of the team. Whether you use internal resources, third party contractors or a blend of both, we can help bring it all together with reliability.

Strong Project Management is a critical success factor. If you already have a team in place or prefer to assemble your own, we can provide project management services in house or remotely. We can manage the scope, schedule and resource allocation to make sure your project is delivered on time, and on, or under, budget. Our project managers constantly monitor the technical performance of the team to measure how the team is performing versus the plan. We manage the changes that occurs during the development process to make sure that changes in scope are balanced with trade off is in delivery schedule and project cost. We manage the resources, the technology and the risk during a development project so you can focus on meeting your business goals.

Marketing Services:

Marketing often employs several strategic models and tools to analyze marketing decisions. We keep up with the latest and most important marketing trends and make sure our clients understand how they will benefit from their use. With numerous emerging technologies coming online, we consult with our clients as to how this will shape their local and global marketing strategy and affect their current marketing plan. We provide an integrated and more holistic view of marketing so your business or organization can harness the potential for building relationships both online and through the traditional print and media audience.

Consulting Services:

Emerging technologies and practices are the core of modern innovation. Senior managers and executives need to think strategically about the best selection and application of technology. tagINK offers technology, research and market focused consulting services and help you with efficient choices and practices so you can avoid the costly errors of learning things the hard way. With our consulting expertise, we help you develop and execute business strategies based on the clear and consistent understanding of what will work. We can provide in-house targeted workshops, personnel training modules, and new product/process seminars.

We've worked with leaders from the following industries:

Wholesale trade
Information technology
Retail trade
Financial services
Educational services
Transportation and warehousing
Entertainment, accommodation, and food services
Healthcare and social services
Public administration
Energy, Oil and Gas